How to Care for Wooden Furniture

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Helping Your Wood Furniture Stay Clean and Last Long

Wood furniture is great to have in every home. It goes well with everything; it’s easy to care for, and adds elegance to all types of décor. Below are some basic tips for caring for wood furniture.

Although wooden furniture is easy to care for, it’s also easy to damage. Nicks, scrapes and watermarks are just some of the things that can affect the esthetics of your furniture. Take care when placing items on any wooden surface such as picture frames, accents, or beverages. Felt, table runners, and coasters can be used to protect your furniture.

One way to help protect your furniture is just basic upkeep. Dusting your furniture at least once a week will keep dust particles from building up. A damp cloth is usually best. Using waxes, sprays, or polishes can leave an unsightly buildup on the surface of the item.

When it comes time to polish the furniture, you can buff the piece with a paste wax, or use a little lemon oil. It’s best to use products with natural ingredients. Most of the time its best to ask the manufacturer of the item or even the salesperson whom sold you the item.

Never use any product containing alcohol as it will cause the wood to dry. Silicon cleaners can harm your furniture as well.

When polishing, always go with the grain. If you need to clean the wood and remove any “stuck-on” substances you should use a mild soap formulated especially for this purpose. Murphy’s Oil Soap is ideal. Never spray any product directly onto the wood. Spray a soft cloth with the product and then apply it to the wood.

If you have winters that are very dry it might be a good idea to get a humidifier to keep your furniture from getting too dry. Dry heat can cause your furniture to crack.

Also avoid direct sunlight as this may cause discoloration. Keep your furniture away from heating and air-conditioning vents and also fireplaces.

When fixing a stain or scratch, it’s always a good idea to test the product in a hidden area of the product. With good reason you are going to want to avoid additional visible damage.

If you get a water ring on your furniture: Wipe up the remaining liquid immediately. If a stain has been left behind, try rubbing the wood with some white, non-gel toothpaste and wipe with a clean cloth. If you don’t happen to have any other that type of toothpaste you can also follow the same steps with mayonnaise or salad oil. Something else to try is covering the area with a bath towel and apply a warm iron.

If you spill liquid on paper and the paper sticks to your wood furniture, this can also come up easily with salad oil or mayonnaise.

Nicks and scratches are easy to repair, or at least hide. If you mar cherry wood, try applying iodine to the spot using a cotton swab. If the wood is dark, you can use a matching crayon. Also a waxy paste shoe polish works well for this task.

For any other more major repairs don’t be afraid to call in a professional. Unless you’re well versed in wood restoration, it’s best to leave this to someone with experience.

Caring for your wood furniture isn’t difficult at all. In many cases your wood furniture can be treated and cared for by using common items found in your home. With proper care and upkeep today’s wood piece may become tomorrow’s heirloom.

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