Austin’s Furniture Outlet Money Tips For Purchasing New Furniture

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Purchasing new furniture can be fun and exciting. It can also require more cash than you have on hand. There are many options that can help with your purchase. Let’s go over some things to consider as you shop.  

Check the reviews for the store you might purchase from   

A store with good customer service will be there for you even after you get your new furniture in your home.  Austin’s Furniture Outlet has a reputation for their great customer service. Being confident in where you shop is as important as your new furniture purchase.


Decide on a budget for the furniture to be purchased. Once you’ve set your budget you can begin to shop your local furniture stores. You don’t have to shop at the big retailers. You can often save more money on the same name brand furniture when shopping with a small business. And don’t forget to ask about discounts! Many stores have discounts for veterans or first responders. Austin’s Furniture Outlet gives a 10% discount. That can be a substantial amount of savings on a larger purchase. With discounts your $500 sofa just became $450!

Oops! I didn’t budget enough!

Maybe you need a larger dining table or living room set than you realized or you really like the added features on a more expensive piece.  Maybe you need to add delivery/assembly service to your order. Austin’s Furniture Outlet sales team can go over all payment options with you to help you with your purchase.


Austin’s Furniture Outlet offers a layaway service that requires only a 10% deposit. There is no time limit on your layaway and no additional fees.  Stores in your area may offer layaway so be sure to ask if that is something they offer and what their terms are.

12 month no interest finance

This type of finance is a revolving line of credit.  Use it as you would any credit card.  Austin’s Furniture Outlet offers 12 month, no interest finance through Wells Fargo and Synchrony financing.  A good credit score can help you get the financing you need and give you plenty of time to pay it off. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form and you find out almost immediately if you’re approved.

Short term no interest finance - no credit needed

Many stores offer finance with no credit needed. Austin’s Furniture Outlet can help you get financing for up to 100 days with no interest. You can apply in our store or right from our website before your visit. Short term is great for those with credit issues that may prevent them from using the longer term financing.

Whether you need to make a small single item purchase or you need furniture for your entire home the experts at Austin’s Furniture Outlet are here for you and would love to answer any finance questions you may have. Come visit us today!

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