Long Horns Optional and Other Decorating Tips with Rustic Furniture in Austin

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Rustic decor has seen a major spike in popularity in recent years, and has even worked its way into many weddings and other events. From simple mason jar lights, to burlap garlands and rustic furniture, Austin area homes are reflecting the rich beauty of country living in the heart of Texas. These decorating tips can help you bring the romance of the outdoors inside.

  • Mindfully Mismatch - Rough finished bookshelves, smoothed log chairs, rich leather sofas, each have a unique finish that sets them apart, yet all blend together to create a rustic theme that is warm and welcoming.
  • Contrast Woods - A mix of light and dark woods keep the space from becoming overwhelming and can help section off larger living areas. Wood color also influences how much light is visible, with darker woods throwing deeper shadows and brighter woods reflecting light back.
  • Small Details, Big Results - While everything is bigger in Texas, sometimes it's the smaller details that offer the biggest results, especially when it comes to rustic furniture in Austin. An antler lamp, a beautiful horse figure, quaint burlap dollies, these small touches can add dimension and personalize the space.
  • Go Bold - Small details can brighten up a room, but large bold pieces can also tie the theme together. When it comes to rustic furniture, sometimes bolder, bigger is better. Consider a large rustic inspired sofa, a bear skin rug, long horns over the fireplace or go all out and make every room a rustic, mountain cabin inspired paradise. 
  • Add Color - Rustic, by nature, is muted in color, bringing the rich browns and tans into a home; however, adding a pop of color can brighten up a dim room and add a layer of warmth to the woods and leathers traditionally used in rustic decor. Colorful throw pillows, decorative blankets, festive figures, and family photos can add richness and enhance that homey feel.
  • Use Scent for Added Effect - Rustic is often categorized by rough hued or handcrafted wood items typical of farm yards and country cabins. Since scent plays a big part in how people perceive their environment, added mountain and forest like smells into the decor scheme can intensify the feelings of welcome and warmth. Scented pinecones, oils, and candles can help bring those fresh smells inside. 
Rustic furniture in Austin allows for a lot of design and decorating options, from whole home themes, to conversation pieces, and everything in between. To learn more about decorating with rustic furniture, please contact the dedicated staff at Austin’s Furniture Outlet today.

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