How to Clean Bonded Leather

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Helping Your Bonded Leather Furniture Stay Clean and Last Long

So you like the look and feel of leather but you don’t like the price. Bonded leather is your answer as an inexpensive alternative. Bonded leather is by far the easiest leather to care for. It’s composed of scraps of leather and a polyurethane fixative pressed together, bonded leather has an ultra-soft feel and leathery texture. Also the texture and color of bonded leather is always uniform meaning you will likely never see variations in the visual features of the furniture. But like leather, bonded leather must be properly cleaned to keep it free of dust and dirt.

Never use any type of harsh cleaner, especially alcohol-based products to clean bonded leather.

Never use a colored cloth to clean bonded leather. You could transfer the dye on the cloth onto the bonded leather furniture.

Fill a bowl with a cup of lukewarm water, dip a soft cloth into the water and wring thoroughly. The cloth should be damp. NOT dripping with water.

Wipe the bonded leather to remove dust, dirt and any grime buildup.

Dry the leather thoroughly with a soft dry cloth.

Apply a tablespoon of leather conditioner to a 3rd dry soft cloth.

Rub the bonded leather with the leather conditioner-infused cloth. Massage the leather conditioner into the bonded leather especially in areas used frequently.

Make sure to rub off any excess conditioner so you don’t get any on your clothes. Let the furniture dry thoroughly before use.

Frequent wipe downs like the steps taken above are the best cleaning technique for your bonded leather furniture.

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