How to Clean Full Grain Leather

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Helping Your Full Grain Leather Furniture Stay Clean and Last Long

Full-grain leather refers to the tough outer hide, usually the hide of a cow. This leather is more durable and easier to clean than top grain leather. Cleaning and treating your furniture will make it look better and last much longer. Your leather will remain supple and prevent splitting and cracking. Protect your investment!

If you have “salt stains” on your leather due to sweat only use a very damp cloth to wipe it down and then a dry one to wipe stains away. These types of stains are typically only surface stains. You may have to repeat this process multiple times.

If you have spilled a substance on your piece of furniture immediately brush all soiled areas or spilled liquids from the furniture using clean paper towels. Next, apply a quarter sized dab of leather cleaner (make sure the leather cleaner you use is designed for full-grain leather) to a soft cloth and rub the item with short circular motions. Apply more leather cleaner to the cloth as needed. This should loosen and remove set in dirt and soften the leather. If there are more stubborn stains you may use a toothbrush dipped in warm water and then your leather cleaner. Use light brushing motions.

Set the soiled cloth aside and get another soft cloth and use the same circular motions without the use of the cleaning product. This will remove excess dirt and cleaner from the piece of furniture.

Apply a second round of cream to a leather cleaning brush. This will loosen and remove more dirt from the furniture. After that use a 3rd soft cloth to buff the item and then allow it to dry naturally. Never use a blow dryer or fan.

Apply a quality leather conditioner and protectant to the leather furniture after a thorough cleaning. This will help protect the hide from liquids, dirt and other physical effects. Always use a conditioner that is designed specifically for full-grain leather.

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