How to Treat/Clean Top Grain Leather Products

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Helping Your Micro-Fiber Furniture Stay Clean and Last Long

Micro-fiber is considered a durable and stain resistant material very similar to suede in feel and softness. It’s popular for upholstered furniture due to the comfort and warmth it provides the customer.

If you happen to soil the microfiber with a possibly stainable substance immediately clean the excess substance from the microfiber with a paper towel.

Next, apply a low PH balanced soap and water mixture to the stain. Woolite is a perfect type of gentle detergent to use on microfiber. You can also use other water based types of cleaners like 409 or Fantastik. Again, make sure that you water down your microfiber cleaner before applying.

Then get a warm moist sponge and clean the microfiber in circular and lifting motions. (You are trying to lift the stain, not scrub it in.) DO NOT scrub vigorously as it is not necessary and might harm the fabric. You will notice there should not be any or hardly any soap bubbles on the microfiber due to the low PH level of the mixture. Beware; if the substance is too soapy you will have a soap ring on your item where you cleaned the material. Rinse sponge with water a few times and repeat circular motions.

DO NOT let the material dry before stain is removed. This may “LOCK” the stain in. After you see the stain has disappeared and you are left with a wet area on your furniture. Use a fan to have the upholstery dry quickly; do not use a blow dryer with the heated setting because you could burn the delicate fibers of your microfiber.

Next, use a brush with fine bristles or even the vacuum brush attachment on your vacuum to very lightly brush the fabric. This will bring the hair like fibers on the microfiber back to their original softness. Hopefully if all went well your stain should be gone! Good Luck!

There are many other items on the market that can be used to clean your furniture. Be sure to check the cleaning codes of your item and match them with your microfiber cleaners.

Store Bought Products: These are ideal for cleaning microfiber.
  • Guardsman AFTA Spot Cleaner - AFTA is a dry cleaning solution that removes oil-based stains such as grease, oil, tar, adhesives, crayon, and heel marks on dry clean only fabrics or fabrics with "S" cleaning codes. 
  • American Home K2R Spot Remover - For Carpets, Upholstery & Dry Cleanable Clothing. Spray product, allow to dry, brush away white powder. Product claims to leave no residue. 

Household Solutions: These products will work, but they don't work as well as some of the store bought products.
  • Rubbing \ Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Drug store rubbing alcohol is usually 72% or 92% but you want to get 99% concentration so that it evaporates quickly. Get 99% highly concentrated rubbing alcohol.
  • Ammonia (Household Strength)
  • Dove or Neutrogena
  • Clear alcohol such as vodka.
  • Tuff Stuff is a good cleaner as well, it can be used in place of the other detergents as mentioned above.

Things to NEVER USE
  • Nail Polish Remover (Acetone), any type of bleach.

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