Smart Bedroom Furniture Layout Makes for Wonderful Austin, TX Living

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There's a real art to arranging bedroom furniture. Your bedroom is truly your home-within-your-home, the most private and personalized room in the house. Every bit of it should be set up to make your life as easy as possible, and of course, to encourage a great night's sleep every night.

So what's the trick to arranging bedroom furniture in Austin, TX?  Creating great bedroom designs isn't difficult, especially if you think about how much time you plan to spend in the room.

Austin’s Furniture Outlet has a few tips for your bedroom space.

Easy Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Ideas to Consider

Keep the circulation simple.

Have you ever noticed that virtually all hotels use nearly the same layout, with the beds all on one side of the room? That's no coincidence! Since bedrooms aren't generally designed for people to wander around, they keep a single pathway open for ease of navigation. When in doubt, do the same - put your bed firmly on one side, up against at least one wall, to maximize the remaining space and simplify movement.

On the other hand,

Beds can break up large bedrooms.

If your bedroom is big enough that you're planning on incorporating a private office, sitting area, or TV nook, you might put the bed right in the middle instead. This allows you to make your bedroom sectional so that, for example, clothes and the bathroom are on one side, while your work space is on the other. It's like two rooms in one.

Think about lighting.

What side of the house are your bedroom windows on, and how close is the bed to them? This could be a very important thing to keep in mind, if you don't want the sun shining straight down on you at 7AM. Whether you want loads of light, or as little as possible, position your bed to match and then work around it.

To keep the bed further from the window, place items like chests-of-drawers directly below the window, so the space doesn't seem empty.

Don't forget privacy.

Are you ever going to want to leave the windows open for extra air at night? Or have the option not to close the door all the way, perhaps so you can listen for the kids? Think about who can see what when looking into your bedroom, so you can maintain some privacy.  Or, use larger pieces like dressers and wardrobes to block the line-of-sight to your bed.

No matter what kind of bedroom decoration you favor, from classic to modern, Austin's Furniture Outlet has everything you need.  Come see for yourself!

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