Covering the Basics of Living Room Design

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Second only to the kitchen, the living room is a focal point for family time and social gatherings. As such, it should reflect the style, feel, and personality of the family. Homeowners, however, often become confused with all the design options on the market. When it comes to living room furniture in Austin, for example, there are countless styles to pick from. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your living room.


Color has a huge impact on mood, and feelings. It can entice hunger, passion, or laziness. Color also plays a big role in making your family and guests feel welcomed and at home. When shopping for living room furniture, be sure to consider the color scheme of the house, the living room in particular.

Take a small white room for example:

Minimally designed living room furniture in Austin fit best in smaller rooms. When finished with soft, warm colors, such as creams or tans, they blend into the walls behind them, reducing the visual space they take up. Toss in a couple brightly colored throw pillows, area rug, or artwork, and the room all but beckons guests to come to relax.


Functionality should be a major factor when shopping for living room furniture in Austin. This is particularly important for smaller homes or confined areas and larger open spaces. Multifunctional items, such as a padded storage ottoman, double as a file or blanket storage, while providing an extra seat for guests. Room dividers help to break up a larger area, as do sofas and other seating options. 

You should also think about how the room is used most. Is your family big into game nights? A coffee table with built in storage makes cleaning up those board games a snap. Television, movie, or gaming buffs may be better served with an entertainment center.


How the room is lit also influences the functionality of the room itself. While natural lighting provides the best results, it's not always easy to come by. Instead, table or floor lamps, accent lighting, and other options can improve visibility and function of the room. 

Tall floor lamps work great for brightening dark corners and some even allow manipulation for optimal customized lighting. Table lamps, however, work best for individual needs, like reading.

Putting it Together with Austin’s Furniture Outlet

Your home is an extension of yourself. Investing in high quality living room furniture in Austin helps improve the usefulness, and comfort of the main living space. At Austin’s Furniture Outlet, we carry top brands in home furniture. Our staff is knowledgeable on how to make the most of your space. Contact us today for all your furniture needs!

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