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As far as we're concerned, recliners sometimes get a bad rap.

Sure, it's easy to think "recliner" and imagine some 70s-style beige upholstered monster which stands out like a sore thumb. For decades, recliners were the ultimate in comfort, but were also very bulky. They were designed for function way over form, and any complaints about their looks were drowned out by the sound of how comfy they are.

But it's a new era, and it is time for a rethink of recliners here in Austin, TX. They come in far more shapes, sizes, and colors, making them far easier to match a variety of decor. Plus, advances in recliner technology have created sliding mechanisms which are smaller and more reliable, allowing them to fit into smaller spaces with ease.

If you haven't looked at recliners lately, maybe it's time to treat yourself.

Finding Comfort and Style in Austin Recliners

Match your color scheme.

Recliners aren't restricted to the standard earth tones any more. With brighter options like red and blue available, it's much easier to pick one that matches a greater variety of color schemes.  

Show off those legs.

Another big problem with recliners was that they were so heavy that they had to have a huge base planted directly on the ground. The new, lightweight reclining mechanisms have changed all that. You can now get recliners in club-chair designs, with visible wooden legs that make them look much more like grown-up seating.

Try some arms to match.

Sure, as far as comfort goes, there's a certain pleasure in crashing across the arms of an ultra-plush recliner. But if you want something a little rustic or Mission-y, check out models with hardwood arm/leg combinations. These handsome chairs would be great for a man cave, while still letting you kick back and relax.

Embrace quirky patterns.

You can now get recliners with interesting designs, which can easily match a variety of modern interiors. Matching your recliner with the rest of your room or home’s style is easy.

Or just embrace comfort as style.

Maybe it doesn't matter.  Maybe you just want a chair which looks so inviting that it justifies its appearance simply by being there. And it might even have room for two!

However, you cut it, there are loads of options in Austin, TX, recliners - and Austin's Furniture Outlet has plenty.  Come check out our showroom to explore the choices for yourself. We carry recliners and top brand furniture for every room in your home.

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