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Deforestation is causing major problems worldwide, with many popular kinds of wood -such as mahogany- now becoming so rare that you might as well be talking about using ivory.  

Sure, many furniture manufacturers are trying to keep planting new trees to keep their businesses sustainable, but that greatly limits the number of eco-friendly woods available. Only a few species are fast-growing enough to keep up with demand, and even then, the new-growth trees are getting chopped down when they're only barely mature.

That's why reclaimed wood furniture is becoming so popular with furniture stores in Austin and their patrons. With reclaimed pieces, you get furniture that's so much more interesting than your standard ash or poplar, while still feeling good about your purchase.

Reclaimed Wood: The Best of Both Worlds

Reclaimed wood is exactly what it sounds like: Wood which had previously been put to other purposes, like barns or old-home flooring, now put into new furniture pieces. It's cleaned and treated to be free of problems, and ready for plenty of years of enjoyment.

And it brings plenty of benefits!

Eco-Friendly: No new trees were needed to bring you a reclaimed wood bed or other pieces. It's recycled!

Toughness: You might think that reclaimed wood would be weaker than new wood, but it's actually the opposite in many cases. Much of reclaimed wood comes from old-growth forests, which are far stronger than the barely-developed trees now being used for new furniture.

Individualistic: No two pieces of reclaimed wood furniture are ever alike. They wear their histories proudly, creating pieces which can truly reflect your own individuality. 

Guiltless Exotics: Exotic wood like Neem, a form of mahogany, can be added to your home with zero guilt. These trees were often cut down before you were born - you're honoring them by continuing to use them.

Goes with Nearly Anything:  Your home doesn't have to be full-on rustic to incorporate reclaimed wood. The uniqueness of each piece allows it to stand out while still blending into many modern room styles.

Basically, reclaimed wood can go anywhere in your home: The bedroom, bathroom, dining room, living room, game room, and more. It's ultra-distinctive, while still sending the message that you care about sustainable living.  

Austin’s Furniture Warehouse

Few furniture stores in Austin have the same range and variety of reclaimed and new wood products as Austin's Furniture Outlet. Shop our extensive online catalog for some great pieces, or come on down to see for yourself!

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