Austin Coffee Tables: Picking the Best Accent Pieces

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Coffee tables, of course, aren't only for coffee. They're one of the most common and important accent pieces in many rooms, especially those which see a lot of traffic. They're beautiful, they're almost always useful, and they tie a room together.

The right coffee tables can transform a normal living room into a place people want to congregate, adding both appeal and functionality. That's why picking the right coffee tables for your Austin home is so important.

With so many kinds of coffee tables to choose from, the key is to think through the options beforehand. We, at Austin’s Furniture Outlet, have a few suggestions about questions you should ask before you buy.

Four Questions to Ask Before Buying an Austin Coffee Table

  1. What will it be used for?

Some coffee tables come with plenty of storage space underneath, for items like books or iPads.  Others try to be less obtrusive, only including a single top space. Think about how people will be using the room, and what items they're likely to be carrying with them, to decide on functionality.

And if they're going to actually hold coffee, make sure they're treated and easily cleaned!

  1. How much space do you have?

Coffee tables come in a vast variety of sizes, from tiny corner models to ones the size of small dressers. They're a good option for 'filling out' a room that needs a couple more pieces to be comfy, but make sure you don't get tables so large they clutter up the area or make it hard to move. 

  1. How large is the other furniture in the room?

As accent pieces, coffee tables should complement the other furniture rather than being a focus themselves. This means much of the decision depends on what other furniture they'll be around. Basically, large furniture needs larger tables, and smaller pieces need smaller tables.  

  1. Is portability a factor?

Do you foresee yourself moving your tables around a lot?  If not, it's fine to invest in larger\heavier pieces. On the other hand, if you want them to be multi-purpose, consider smaller tables which can be easily relocated.  

Also, sometimes you don't need a single large table, even for larger rooms. Creating a modular coffee table out of two or three smaller pieces creates a neat spacing effect, as well as giving you a lot of options for future use.

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